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Story of  Woods

Breathing Life into
Barren Land

In early 2020, we embarked on a land development project like no other. We took 60 acres of barren land and cultivated in it, a forest.

The Miyawaki method of afforestation was adopted to rapidly grow a 18 acres forest. World’s largest Miyawaki forest.

Today, 4,50,000 trees form the skyline at Woods Shamshabad, and 141 species of birds found their home in this man-made forest.

110 limited edition farmplots live inside this development, for families that share a serious relationship with nature.


A greener site gives its inhabitants all the benefits of soil regeneration, CO2 sequestration, health benefits because of phytoncides in nature, and reduction in noise, heat, and pollution. The existence of fully grown trees on a residential realty site is known to increase its value by 21% when compared to a conventional site.
Woods Shamshabad is protected under GO111 and ensures the views our residents signed up for remain constant. The policy will further protect the health of the land and waterbodies around it, and increase green cover.

Forest Bathing

The luxury of life is the ability to seek answers in nature, Our ~1800 sq.yd. farm plots are bordered on all 4 sides by a stretch of lush greenery. 154 varieties of native trees comprise the forest around your plot. This enables our residents to make forest bathing a lifestyle, not a hobby.

Our farmplots have been claimed by those who found promise in this initiative, as they continue to stand by it.

Woods Shamshabad shows families the possibilities of growing up and growing old with a deep connection to nature. Then, it is but natural to experience slow living, a centered mind and peaceful thoughts.


- Southwest Hyderabad suburb
- Presence of Himayath sagar Lake
- 16 years progress
- Appreciating land assets
- Growth Corridor
- Airport - 12 km


The benefits of spending time in nature go beyond refreshing your mind. A growing problem among today’s children is not getting sufficient sunlight and time away from the screen, leading to degrading physical health and, worse, nature deficit disorder.

We aim to use our project as a catalyst to improve lifestyles. Having intimate access to nature and spending time outdoors improves cognitive decision-making and execution. We take pride in helping children build a relationship with nature.


Biodiversity and its impact on us

Microclimate caused by the forest makes the weather 4°C cooler

Zero maintenance, self-sustaining forest

Miyawaki trees experience a 7x growth rate to traditional afforestation

Miyawaki method needs 8x lesser space to grow saplings than a typical planttion

The presence of mature trees on a property site increases its value by 21%

Woods Shamshabad trees can grow up to 200 feet tall

Hear from
the expert

A Tree’s Journey

After identifying over 186 species, we planted 154 varieties of native Indian tree saplings, including 70 mature trees rescued and transplanted from the old Telangana Secretariat.

These trees are between 70 and 100 years old, and they were transplanted and found new life at Woods Shamshabad.

We are happy to report that the soil conditions here made them adapt to their new environment even at an old age.

Private Boutique


Over the past 15 years, we have sold 200+ acres of land in Hyderabad and learnt that humanity craves greenery.

We learnt to develop a culture of sensitivity towards nature as the only way to sustain any human intervention.

We work through meticulous research, documentation, case studies, and implementation in all our ventures, from farm plots to our upcoming boutique apartments.

Why did we grow a forest?

When natural forests may not be feasible… quasi-natural forests work.

Our journey began in early 2020 with meticulous planning and research on the Miyawaki method of creating diverse, multi-layered forests. Research and evidence show this method yields the fastest and most effective results for mature, healthy trees. We used this technique to form an underground grid of trenches to house the Miyawaki avenues - these would mark the boundaries of our 110 plots at Woods Shamshabad.

Our Miyawaki walls replace traditional compound walls on site. Our plots have life; they are bordered by a living forest stretch that insulates them from pollution, noise, and dust. Today, we are proud to have 141 species of birds and countless small animals and insects make it their home!