7 Acres of
Green lung
30 year old mango orchard
has something to say
R1 Open plots
in Patancheru,
starting from
267 sq. yd.

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Woods Indresham is a vision for a sustainable community and collective spaces in Patancheru.

Real estate with
a green soul

The purest winds from Narsapur Forest energize the land, housing ecosystems from the smallest insect to the oldest tree. A land parcel rich in history and nourishment deserves to be reclaimed with respect.

Our mission extends beyond developing the land for sale. Woods by Stonecraft Group is curating a tight-knit community of nature lovers who will cherish the elements that make this land their home.

Connect with nature

Voices of

Hear stories from the old, aspirations of the young, and experience the regard for Indresham from its people.


- Neopolis: 35 mins
- Patancheru: 20 mins
- Beerumguda: 30 mins


The benefits of spending time in nature go beyond refreshing your mind. A growing problem among today’s children is not getting sufficient sunlight and time away from the screen, leading to degrading physical health and, worse, nature deficit disorder.

We aim to use our project as a catalyst to improve lifestyles. Having intimate access to nature and spending time outdoors improves cognitive decision-making and execution. We take pride in helping children build a relationship with nature.

City girl or
farm girl

Biodiversity and its impact on us

Home to glossy ibis, black-headed ibis, and red-naped ibis

40% lower stress due to forest bathing

2 Acres, self-sustaining Miyawaki forest

1 Acre Central Mango Groove

7 acres dedicated to green cover, A canopy over your head at all times

Flanked by a 30-year-old mango orchard and 4 Acre Lakefront promenade

All the amenities provide immersive yet safe access to nature - ideal for the upbringing we wished for our children within the city.

Your home under the shelter of mango trees.

Pure Air &

Clear Minds

Clear Minds "There is a significant reduction of cortisol levels during "forest bathing", suggesting a decrease in stress." - The Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine journal.
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Sensible Investment

By the shimmering Lake Indresham, bordered by a dense mango orchard, lives 'Woods Indresham'. Plot size: 267 sq. yd. onwards. 305 residential plots. Of the 32 acres of the project area, we have 7 acres pledged to breathable  green spaces.


Over the past 15 years, we have sold 200+ acres of land in Hyderabad and learnt that humanity craves greenery.

We learnt to develop a culture of sensitivity towards nature as the only way to sustain any human intervention.

We work through meticulous research, documentation, case studies, and implementation in all our ventures, from farm plots to our upcoming boutique apartments.